Wet® Uranus® Silicone Anal LubricantTM

Boldly go to the unexplored with Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant. For those new to the ASSA mission, or experienced users with thousands of miles under their belt, Wet Uranus has been a trusted companion any time they’ve needed help before blast off. This silky smooth silicone formula can help set everyone’s mind at ease, knowing the only sensations you’ll feel back there are pleasurable and guaranteed to put you into orbit. Apply generously before foreplay and intercourse to see why experienced ASS-tronauts have trusted Wet Uranus for all their explorations, and beyond!

• Pure, High-Grade Silicone
• Glycerin & Paraben Free
• Works Underwater
• Condom Compatible
• FDA 510K Cleared Medical
• ASS-tronaut Recommended

Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Phenyl Trimethicone.

Usage and Tips:
No ASSA mission should start without Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant! Using a lubricant for anal play is a MUST as the anus has no natural lubrication. Sexual stimulation of the genitals will help relax the pelvic floor muscles and add to the pleasure of anal sex. Generously lubricate the anus before any insertion to help prevent friction or irritation. Take your time, communicate with your partner in mission control, and blast off to new heights. Anal play done properly should never cause pain.

3 Fl. Oz / 89mL

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6 Fl. Oz / 178mL

Item #: 35004
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9 Fl. Oz / 266mL

Item #: 35002
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