Discover the luxurious feel, smooth glide, and long-lasting formula of Wet® Platinum® Luxury Silicone Lubricant™. Guaranteed never sticky, Wet Platinum is doctor recommended, condom compatible and an FDA accepted medical device. It is also great for full body massages and skin conditioning. As our best-seller, this paraben-free formula is clear, odorless, and non-sticky. Wet Platinum is formulated with premium, high-grade silicone for ultimate performance and is non-water-soluble so it can be enjoyed in the shower, tub, or spa. 

  •  Pure, high-grade silicone
  •  Paraben-free
  •  Colorless and lightweight
  •  Odorless, non-sticky, and latex compatible
  •  Works under water
  •  Guaranteed never sticky
  •  Doctor recommended
  •  FDA Accepted Medical Device
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Thumb/PreviewProductItem CodeUPCFamilyDescriptionDownload Images
1oz207167 16222 20716 4Platinum1.0 fl.oz/30mL
3oz207007 16222 20700 3Platinum3.0 fl.oz/89mL
5oz207187 16222 20718 8Platinum5.0 fl.oz/148mL
9oz207027 16222 20702 7Platinum9.0 fl.oz/266mL
16oz207087 16222 20708 9Platinum16.0 fl.oz/475mL
32oz207157 16222 20715 7PlatinumOne Quart 32 fl.oz/946mL
128oz207147 16222 20714 0PlatinumOne Gallon 128 fl.oz/3785mL
FamilyGroupPlatinumFamily Photo
.33oz Counter Bowl207497 16222 20749 2Platinum.33 fl.oz/10mL pouch Counter Bowl (144pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
1oz Counter Bowl207197 16222 20719 5Platinum1.0 fl.oz/ 30mL Counter Bowl (36 pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Countertop458307 16222 45830 6PlatinumCOUNTERTOP DISPLAY
4 Testers Refill238277 16222 23827 4Platinum(4) TESTERS REFILL
Left Slat20842L7 16222 20842 0PlatinumLEFT SLAT WALL SHELF DISPLAY
Right Slat20842R7 16222 20842 0PlatinumRIGHT SLAT WALL SHELF DISPLAY
Wet Splash Slat Wall208057 16222 20805 5PlatinumMODULAR SLAT WALL DISPLAY SPLASH
Coming Soon3 Pack206906 40947 99219 0 Platinum3.0 fl oz 3 Pack
10 ml20748701622202074805Platinum