Give in to Hemptation®. Wet® Hemptation combines premium hemp extract with a unique blend of extracts and botanicals to arouse the senses and provide pure, erotic satisfaction. Wet Hemptation is all natural, safe for all types of play, and easily washes away with warm water or a damp towel. Latex compatible and safe for use with toys, it will quickly become your favorite way to relax and release.

  •  Smooth and sensual
  •  All-natural formula
  •  Infused with hemp extract
  •  Safe for oral, anal, or vaginal play
  •  Latex compatible
  •  Paraben-free
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1oz420077 16222 42007 5Hemptation1.0 fl.oz./30mL
3oz420097 16222 42009 9Hemptation3.0 fl.oz/ 89mL
5oz420127 16222 42012 9Hemptation5.0 fl.oz/ 148mL
FamilyGroupHemptationFamily Photo
Counter Bowl420047 16222 42004 4Hemptation1.0 fl.oz/ 30mL Counter Bowl (36 pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Countertop458367 16222 45836 8HemptationCOUNTERTOP DISPLAY