DessertsBananas FosterCreme BruleeFrosted CupcakeSalted CaramelWhipped Cream


Make sex yummier with Wet Desserts Flavored Lubricants. Our rich, savory flavors taste just like the real thing with no bitter after-taste. Lightweight and stain-free, this silky smooth formula washes away easily with water and is available in five yummy flavors. Enjoy Frosted Cupcake, Salted Caramel, Whipped Cream, Bananas Foster, or Crème Brulee with your partner for heightened intimacy and sweet satisfaction.

  •  Water-soluble
  •  No bitter after-taste
  •  Sugar and paraben free
  •  Stain-free and lightweight
  •  Latex compatible
  •  Ideal for foreplay, oral, intercourse, and massage
  •  Washes away easily with water
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Thumb/PreviewProductItem CodeUPCFamilyTypeDescriptionDownload Images
1oz215647 16222 21564 0DessertsBananas Foster1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215667 16222 21566 4DessertsBananas Foster3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz215607 16222 21560 2DessertsCreme Brulee1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215627 16222 21562 6DessertsCreme Brulee3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz215727 16222 21572 5DessertsFrosted Cupcake1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215747 16222 21574 9DessertsFrosted Cupcake3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz215687 16222 21568 8DessertsSalted Caramel1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz215707 16222 21570 1DessertsSalted Caramel3.0 fl.oz/89mL
1oz234167 16222 23416 0DessertsWhipped Cream1.0 fl. oz/30mL
3oz234187 16222 23418 4DessertsWhipped Cream3.0 fl.oz/89mL
FamilyGroupDessertsFamily Photo
Counter Bowl234207 16222 23420 7 DessertsWhipped CreamWhipped Cream .33 fl.oz/10mL pouch Counter Bowl (144pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Counter Bowl215757 16222 21575 6DessertsFrosted CupcakeFrosted Cupcake .33 fl.oz/10mL pouch Counter Bowl (144pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Counter Bowl215597 16222 21559 6DessertsAssorted1.0 fl.oz/ 30mL Counter Bowl (36 pc./ Free Counter Bowl Display)
Countertop458407 16222 45840 5DessertsCOUNTERTOP DISPLAY